Also see X-Day (SubGenius)

Whollyday held on the ???rh of the Season.


There are X number of X Days in a Season, which usually celebrate either stages in the lives of various Discordian Saints, or excuses to Goof Off.

(Discordian X Days are not to be confused with the SubGee X-Day, the End of the World, which happens every July 5. The SubGee have their own Holy Days Calendar which is entirely separate to the Discordian one.)....

"X" Days are the "new" days, and are in honour of folks like Mal-2, Lord Omar, RAW etc, and Ur-Discordians of Much Ilk (Blessings And Negotiable Bonds Be Upon Them).

Text from Discordian Zaraday Calendar Hijinks by His Wholiness the Rev. DrJon

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