Sweet - Element of Happiness.

The Element of sweet is associated with the lighter emotrions, happiness, joy, chocolate and things of that ilk.

Sweet things sometimes occur on their own but more often with another element along for moral support.

Sweet is a shy Element and often hides from people for years, the worst is the longer it hides the less confident it gets and that males it even harder to coax out.

It bears the conceptual number 1 and its colour is a rich choclatey dark brown.

Sweet faces to the north in the pentagram.

The element of taste, good or otherwise.

Invocation: Oh ever blessed sweetness, be within us now. We call upon the spirits of chocolate, honey, ice cream, and good, gentle loving to be among our gathering this evening. May kindness and sweetness flourish among us in this circle, and may we always have goodies to share.

Dismissal: Oh sweet, ere you depart to your sticky realm, give us just one more taste of your delicious confections, and we will bask in the afterglow of your affections. Go if you must, so that you do not become cloying or revoltingly sweet, and we will appreciate you all the more when you return.

Weekday: Sweetmorn

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