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Saints of Discordia are broken into five categories based upon power and contribution. The first category, Saint Second Class, is reserved for real beings. Fictional beings, not being actual, are more capable of perfection and belong to the other four.

Saint Second ClassEdit

To be reserved for all human beings deserving of Sainthood.

St. Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of MexicoEdit

The first and only Emperor of the United States, Norton made purported insanity work for him, and proved that reality is what you can get away with. His grave near San Francisco is an official POEE shrine.

St. Robert Anton WilsonEdit

St. Hunter S. ThompsonEdit

The creator of gonzo journalism.

St. Edward the Spectacularly Bad (Ed Wood)Edit

The creator of a new paradigm in cutting-edge cinematic surrealism.

St. Francis the Incoherent (Francis E. Dec, Esq.)Edit

This space left blank.

St. Archimedes the Screwy (Archimedes Plutonium)Edit

Advocate of the theory of Plutonium Atom Totality, Archimedes spectacularly unified ancient Greek religion and modern-day particle physics.

St. Jarvis CockerEdit

Honored for his timely turkey-cursing of the puppets of Greyface.

St. Minnie RaeEdit

Saint Prostitute named "The Little Countess" by St. Emperor Norton.

St. Olie Bassweight Edit

Second incarnation of Socrates, Aliester Crowly and Dr Tim Leary.

Great Warrior Poet and jake survivor turned insane Discordian madman

Lance SaintEdit

Good Saint material and definitely inspiring. Example: St. Yossarian (Catch 22, Heller)

Lieutenant SaintEdit

Excellent Goddess-Saturated Saint. Example: St. Quixote (Don Quixote, Cervantes)

Brigadier SaintEdit

Comparable to Lt/Saint but has an established following (fictional or factual). Example: St. Bokonon (Cat's Cradle, Vonnegut)

Five Star SaintEdit

The Five Apostles of Eris.

Note: It is an Old Erisian Tradition to never agree with each other about Saints.

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