Operation Brown Bagger 2009Edit

Operation Brown Bagger is an attempt to make this butt-ugly wiki into something as purty as a Golden Apple.

Ew! Put a bag on that bitch!Edit

This wiki is ugly like that. Not so much like festering sores ugly, but like so goddamn ordinary that it would make you weep to fuck kind of ugly. The kind of girl that no guy masturbated over when he was 14. This wiki makes the dickie go limpie.

This wiki needs a brown bag over its head.


The advertisements make me feel like the fnords in the TV make the normals feel.

Templates: brown bags of a new tomorrowEdit

We can't really put a bag over Discordipedia's head, but we can put lipstick on a pig. Want a sexy pig? Make a template. Make a bunch of them. Make some that do stuff and some that don't. List them on your user page (even if you don't have a user page).

For the love of Eris, don't make Discordipedia go naked any longer.


Some spag spread the word of the mission here:

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