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The Operating room is for current and completed Discordian missions. Learn what you can do!

Current MissionsEdit

Completed Missions (2015)Edit

  • Operation 333, had to be completed for the third time due to articles removed in Operation Dustbin. Its goal to get 333 articles on this wiki was completed for the second time on March 10, 2015, after which more articles earned their way to the Dustbin; it was completed for the third time on 9 July 2015. Some articles may be being considered for deletion (express your opinion here.) Let's get 333 good articles up!
  • Operation Discordianism is to fix the Discordianism page. It should be a centerpiece of this site and it was a mess; it's cleaned up now--but there's still room for improvement.
  • Operation Holyday (started to get every holyday listed at Holyday and Whollyday an article) is completed. Unless things change.
  • Operation Categorize began on 20 April 2015. At 05:11 UTC there were 104 articles with no categories (as of 13 June 2015, that had been knocked down to 57; by midnight UTC 15 June 2015 it was 29 down by 05:37 UTC, June 16, 2015 to 13; as of 05:47, June 17, 2015 there was 1; then by June 18, 2015, there was zero!). Let's reduce that to zero! DONE

Modern Discordian Antics
Also see MDA.2008-2014 and MDA.2008-2014

  1. Intermittens - a Discordian magazine. Anyone can submit stuff or edit an issue.
  2. OMGASM - a Golden Apple Seed Mission, or GASM, is a Discordian code word meaning "Come help out!"
  3. We are collecting active Discordian Websites and Communities. Know of more? Come list 'em!
  4. Propaganda! Here's tons of stuff to print out and distribute in the name of Our Lady
  5. Chasing Eris, which includes interviews and adventures with Discordians all around the world, is being built like a brick outhouse.

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