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Welcome to Discordian Wiki. Enjoy your Alanna.
This is Wiki Discordia, which anyone but Greyface can edit. Dating back to the sneeze of the Great Green Arkleseizure, countless of billions of years, this wiki is older than the collective history of mankind, multiplied by the fourth root of its shoe size.

Herein you will find active learnings on the ways of the goddess Eris and all things chaotic. Discordipedia is much like Wikipedia except in all the ways it's not. For more information, see DP:NOT.

293 articles since Prickle-Prickle, Confusion 58, YOLD 3174

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Operating RoomEdit

Modern Discordian Antics

  1. The Et Cetera Discordia was published at the end of 2010. It celebrates the 50th birthday of the Discordian Society.
  2. Intermittens - a kopyleft discordian magazine. Anyone can submit stuff or edit an issue.
  3. OMGASM - a Golden Apple Seed Mission, or GASM, is a Discordian code word meaning "Come help out!"
  4. Stephen Colbert was inducted into the Illuminati by the Golden Apple Corps in 2008.
  5. IRC - come hang out in #discord
  6. We are collecting active Discordian Websites and Communities. Know of more? Come list 'em!
  7. Propaganda! Here's tons of stuff to print out and distribute in the name of Our Lady
  8. The 23 Apples of Eris blog was taken down, eviscerated, and relaunched. Tons of new content up over there, go check it out!
  9. The Tar Shakan website was born electronically this month. Discordian Micronation? Performance Art using text? Deluded Ravings of a disturbed mind? You be the judge.

Expanding Consciousness

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  • Steal information from other people to put here - it's the Discordian way.
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281406 10150276372936132 729786131 7617459 7167081 n Pahana

The Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man; for the Hopi Indians it is the White Brother of Quetzacoatl

== The Day in which the Son of Man is Revealed ==

Caused by the Absence of the Trench Coat; which is John of the Biograph Theatre: the Presence of the man himself; as he stands at the booth of popcorn.

Random Splotch of Chaos

Kallisti apple

What day is it today?

Current Disinformation

Operation Mindfuck media of the moment.

Expecting to Expectorate

“The DCC has completed its surveying. Now it’s time to fling phlegm. SPIT will dribble down throughout the month of Unknown. Spiritual Physical Improvement Tasks. Say it, or Spray it. SPRAY DELAY. More info at the Brightening Dells Community Center .

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