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The Holy Unicorn

The Holy Unicorn of the Holy City

Yes, Discordians love to party, and this is proof of it! Not serious at all as far as politics are concerned, the non-Euclidean geometrics lead to a rejection of planks and platforms in the US, and who knows what in Australia?

This party has close connections with Comedy Central and the Green Tea Party, and is actively trying to use the US Parliament as a base the way the Illuminati used the German Freemasons. Rejecting Goddess as the Marxists rejected God, There Is No Party But Party and it is YOUR Party!

The original Discordian Party, of course, was the Limbo Peak one where the Golden Apple cracked the Golden Punchbowl. As some believe that the nectar was vital to the continuance of the Gods, well.....

Of course, few know that the party was held just a scant few weeks (in Olympian time) since Zeus raped Eris in the Garden of the Hesperides, and that that apple was from there. As this is one of the deepest secrets of the Diskordian Doers of Dirty Deeds (DDDD), we refuse to reveal more at this time. FNORD

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