Who’s been accused of being Reverend Loveshade? Or has admitted it? Hillary Clinton, Brenton Clutterbuck, Miley Ray Cyrus, Adam Gorightly, Pope Hilde, Greg Hill, Dr. Howl, Tim Kaine, Alden Loveshade, Alan Moore, Richard Nixon, Dr. Howland Owll, Mike Pence, S. John Ross, Bernie Sanders, Gypsie Skripto, Miley Spears, Minnie Rae, Kerry Thornley, Princess Unicornia/Lorien Loveshade, Rosey Tiger, Sheered Völva, Donald Trump, Robert Anton Wilson have been accused or admitted it. And there's more. The only person believed to definitely not be Reverend Loveshade is Reverend Loveshade.

Can they all really be Reverend Loveshade? Probably not. But add people as they're accused or admit they're Reverend Loveshade!

See more at I Am Reverend Loveshade

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