A Short Story

A long time ago, my uncle told me about an event that happened to him when he was just 8 years old.

It started with a tree, and ended with one, too - around the time that the event occurred, my uncle was just 8 years old.


The tree was the central meeting point for something at the time, probably a bird. And as my uncle sat and read the morning newspaper by light of leaf, a revealation was revealed to him. Probably a bird.

Being just 8 years old at the time, my uncle dismissed the revealation revealed unto him during The Event - until now.

The revealation told him of things that were true, of things that were false, and of things that were both, and of things that were neither, and none of these. He was just 8 years old and probably a bird.

One of the true things the revealation told him, however, was the story of a young man who had found enlightenment under the light of a porch, and a bird. There was no tree though. Not this time, anyway. 

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